full hot lava stone

Hot stones glide over your muscles melting away your tension and relaxing your muscles to allow a deeper hands-on massage.
70 min. $80
90 min. $100

half a hot lava stone

A combination of hot stones and hands-on work to specific areas to relieve discomfort
35 min. $50


A hands-on muscle kneading massage that helps you leave behind the stress of a busy day.
30 min. $45
60 min. $65
90 min. $90

pregnancy massage

Relax on our specialized table designed so you can lie on your belly. This much deserved massage finishes with a moisturizing belly salt scrub.
70 min. $70


Twice the relaxtion. You and your partner each enjoy a Swedish or Hot Lava Stone massage in the same room! Two massage therapists, two tables, one room.

baby moon

One hour swedish massage for the mom and dad to be. Followed by a belly scrub for mom and a back scrub for dad.

foot reflexology

An ancient treatment for the feet focussing on reflex points that correspond with various organs and structures of the body includes a foot bath, foot scrub and foot massage.
30 min. $45
60 min. $60


The practice of reiki is based on the concept of restoring and balancing ones "life force energy" a simple technique of "laying on hands" is done on top of the clothed body.

* massage add-ons *

foot scrub or back scrub
paraffin hand or foot treatment